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 7 Figure Timeline

For people like us, the 3D strategies only take us so far when we are ready for big income leaps.
Discover the #1 reason I was able to build a 7 figure business with minimal effort and maximum impact.

Creating a 7 Figure Income is possible when you decide.

I’m excited you’re here!

Money BE-ing Your Birthright

I’m Connie Grant

My highest vision & heartfelt mission is to help people answer their Divine Calling to create all forms of abundance by calibrating their energy to a 7 Figure Timeline.

Join me to explore the higher frequencies in the higher dimensions and connect with Source – discovering the “new gold” available in your business.

Through the Millionaire Codes, Frequency Upgrades, Energetic Transmissions, and Removal of Money Blocks, we clear all interference from your energy field so you have full access to your Authentic Truth. You then apply this higher wisdom into your business to exponentially benefit you and your highest level clients.

We unlock the treasure chests to be vibrationally autonomous spiritual entrepreneurs.

We transform ourselves.
We co-create with others.
We evolve consciousness.
We flourish.
We ascend.

Are you ready?

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Discover the powerful manifestation frequencies of Millionaire Codes.


Reconnect with the ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge that is yours.


Access The Magnetic Energy Field, Become A Clear Channel, and Jump Timelines To Claim Your Birthright as A Purpose Driven Millionaire

Activate Your 7 Figure Timeline To Receive Millions


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The Millionaire Codes Attune You To 7 Figures

Millionaire Codes clear anything that caps your income. They amplify your superpowers to work for you.

You create new opportunities, relationships, and more abundance.
You attract premium clients, up-level your impact, and actualize the money you want.

Millionaire Codes are high frequency activations that attune you to your Highest Timeline of wealth and abundance. These codes align you to your Highest Mission and Highest Vision.

Millionaire Codes have a unique set of frequencies and Light Language codex of information that will be specific to you and upgrade your energy to be a match for 7+ figure years.

Your Higher Self knows what it needs for transformation and manifestation.
You will be magnetized to the codes that facilitate your Highest Growth.



Money BE-ing Your Birthright

Manifest and Actualize the Money You Want In 30 Days - Then do it again!


22 Millionaire Money Codes

Create a 7-Figure Legacy Business as a Real Estate Professional

The old way of doing real estate business was based on handling objections, working excessive hours, misaligned marketing, feeling burned out, and setting up lead generation systems that lacked integrity and authenticity – but this is not your typical
real estate book.

If you are ready to attract more high-level clients, maximize your impact in the field, and generate the income you’ve always wanted, 22 Millionaire Money Codes will beckon you into the new paradigm of succeeding in real estate.

SOUL LOVE Igniting the Spark Within
SOUL LOVE Igniting the Spark Within

A collection of true stories


Igniting the Spark Within

Ignite your inner spark and embark on an electrifying journey of self- discovery and empowerment. Soul Love: Igniting the Spark Within is not just a book; it’s a sacred invitation to uncover your limitless potential and embrace the radiant life you deserve.

Within the pages of this captivating masterpiece, a symphony of transformation unfolds. Crafted with love and unity, this co-authored gem is a treasure trove of inspiring stories of healing, growth, and authenticity that will resonate deep within your soul.


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Deep inside you know you are meant for greatness.

You are ready to share your mission and purpose where you express yourself authentically, transform lives and deliver stellar impact.

You are here because you know there is a better way to be in business. The old way of doing business in the “hustle and grind” culture is outdated and quite frankly isn’t in your energy bandwidth any longer.

You want to calibrate to the highest and best outcomes so you can create easy and predictable $50k-$100k months. Saying goodbye to your old money story and hello to a new paradigm where you flourish in ALL areas of your life. ALL at the same time.

You know you are a wayshower that seeks to be purely visible, is divinely guided, and is destined to be a transformational leader. Ready to share your magic and intuitive gifts with the world.

If you believe our connection is aligned and wish to explore collaboration, let’s chat further.